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What Makes a Good Relationship

It Really Can Be Better

Relational Life Therapy: Impactful, Efficient, Lasting Couples Work

A different approach. Traditional couples therapy doesn’t work for everyone. For many people, couples therapy simply doesn’t help. In fact, for too many couples, it can actually make things worse.

If you feel hopeless, desperate, or just plain stuck, it can seem like there is no path forward. But there is a way forward, and you can get there. ​Whether you’re dealing with communication issues, healing from infidelity, managing a high-conflict relationship, experiencing anger and resentment, suffering from a lack of emotional or sexual connection, or feeling like this may be the end for your relationship, Relational Life Therapy can help you to heal and move forward.

Many people attend couples therapy and are left disappointed and frustrated when it doesn’t create lasting change or even makes things worse. RLT Therapeutic Coaching is different. By delving past surface issues like communication and the situational strife that are the topics of fights and disagreements, Relational Life Therapy addresses the root causes of these conflicts and creates the opportunity for lasting and profound change.

Relational Life Therapy, developed by renowned couples therapist and bestselling author Terrence Real, is different from traditional couples therapy. In RLT, we empower each couple to escape from stuck patterns, repair damage, and overcome resentment to build the intimate and cherishing relationships that we all deserve.

RLT transforms relationships. Even couples on the brink of divorce, those grappling with deep rifts, traumatic betrayals, entrenched destructive patterns, and characterological issues such as narcissism, which are traditionally viewed as “untreatable,” learn to reconnect and repair. 

Starting in our first session, I will actively gather data and quickly diagnose what is currently going on in your relationship. Then, we will work together to explore why these dynamics exist, and, finally, I’ll offer tools that will empower you to move out of the stuck patterns that are keeping you from a deep, meaningful, and passionate connection. 

Unlike traditional couples therapy, which can take place over several years, RLT is designed to be a short-term intervention.

RLT couples sessions run for 90 minutes, allowing us the time to get to the real issues at the heart of the disconnection, conflict, and pain in your relationship. Typically, we start off meeting weekly for only our first few sessions with the expectation that our meetings will move to every other week and then become less frequent as we move forward through the process of repair and reconnection.

If you feel hopeless, desperate, or just plain stuck, it can seem like there is no path forward. But there is a way forward, and you can get there. 

I’ve lived it. I’ve seen it. You can too.

Reach out. I can help.

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You Don't Have To Settle

The relationship you wish for is possible, but sometimes skills and tools aren’t enough to get you there. Most of us have times in our lives when we need help to rebuild the passion and connection in our relationships.

If this is where you are - reach out. I can help.

Contact me today for a twenty-minute free phone consultation or to set up an initial ninety-minute session.

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“Satisfied needs do not motivate. It’s only the unsatisfied need that motivates. Next to physical survival, the greatest need of human beings is to be understood, affirmed, validated, and appreciated.”

Stephen Covey

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