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"I Need to Tell You What's Wrong (with You)..."

Most of us also complain because, in the moment, complaining feels good as we vent our frustrations, anger, and disappointments. But while c

“Why Can’t You Just Be On My Side?”

Frequently, this disconnection stems from the listening partner’s feelings of helplessness when they can’t solve their partner’s problem - w

The Bewildering Pain of Infidelity

Perhaps the emotion which is mostly commonly experienced in the wake of infidelity in a relationship is bewilderment. The hurt partner’s

"Why Does My Partner Make Me Act Like This ?"

At its most basic level, emotional intimacy is the purpose of any close relationship. Emotional intimacy allows you to be vulnerable, to sha

"I Need a Break. Now."

Within this environment of uncertainty, disruption, and isolation our intimate relationships are vulnerable to frequent disagreements and em

"We Need to Talk..."

These deliberate alternatives to the default responses are what Terry Real calls The Five Winning Strategies for getting what you want in

“I Give Up..”

Perhaps more than any of the other Losing Strategies, withdrawal can take various forms and may arise from a wide array of motivations. Anyt

"I'll Make You Regret What You Did to Me"

Like the other Losing Strategies, retaliation erodes intimacy and tears us further away from our partners. At the same time, the impulse tha

“If Only You Would...”

the Losing Strategy of “Controlling Your Partner” doesn’t have to look anything like Mother May I Sleep with Danger in order to be destructi

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You Deserve a Cherishing Relationship

The relationship you wish for is possible, but sometimes skills and tools aren’t enough to get you there. Most of us have times in our lives when we need help to rebuild the passion and connection in our relationships.

If this is where you are - reach out. I can help.

Contact me today for a twenty-minute free phone consultation or to set up an initial ninety-minute session.

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